Cooling system
for "AEDCooler"
DAE Rotaid case.

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Heart-protected public places

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to save a life: having defibrillators in public places and someone who get ready to use them. Cardiac arrest gives no signs premonitory and affects everyone and everywhere.

The only chance of salvation is to have right away an available defibrillator and use it on the patient immediately. To make these measures possible it is necessary that such devices are spread throughout the national territory in a widespread manner and above all that are available to anyone in any moment. It is also essential to realize a computer mapping of workstations in order to create a rescue network integrated with the services of emergency present in the area.

However, outdoor installation places do not are enough protected from the weather and especially from the sun. In summer, in fact, the temperature inside the case (although of excellent quality) can exceed 70 °C!

These temperatures may compromise the operation of the defibrillator and the adhesion to the skin of the electrodes. It is essential therefore maintain the maximum temperature inside of the case and therefore of the device below 40 °C!


The cooling system “AEDCooler” interposes between the support and the containment case of the AED and it does not require external power supplies.
Existing holes are used for its installation, just replace the installation screws original with those dates supplied!

Its “hat” shape offers a first shelter from direct sunlight and allows you to host a high efficiency solar panel, designed and built to specifications of MET-LIFE.
It powers the control system of a pair of high quality fans, that guarantee the flow of eternal air previously filtered. This is necessary to keep the temperature low inside the case.


• Prevents heating of the defibrillator beyond the operating guarantee limits declared by the manufacturer of the AED;
• It does not require external power supply being completely autonomous;
• Very low maintenance costs;
• Easy to install. The existing fixing holes are reused (if the case is ROTAID Solid Plus for outdoors).


• Reduces and keeps the temperature stable inside the case below 40 °C (Target temperature is 37 °C);
• Made of materials resistant to impact and bad weather;
• Equipped with interchangeable dust filter and easy to clean;
• High efficiency fans built to endure over time.

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