the Medical Division
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Laboratory METLAB.

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The quality and safety of medical electrical equipment is of fundamental importance for carrying out correct diagnoses, effective therapies and for the safety of healthcare and non-healthcare operators and patients.

Founded in 2017 to provide calibration services to biomedical research centers, it has specialized in electrical safety and essential performance checks of medical equipment.

MET-LIFE offers itself as a reference for healthcare and non-healthcare operators in the management of their medical equipment in compliance with applicable sector standards.

Who are we addressing

The evolution of modern technologies has made increasingly complex and accurate medical equipment available to professionals and non-healthcare operators. At the same time, the complexity of the periodic checks required by national and European standards has also increased. Thanks to its skills, the Medical Division guarantees the correct functioning and safety of the medical electrical equipment supplied to:

  • Private medical clinics,
  • Dental clinics,
  • Beauty clinics and beauty centers
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biomedical research centers
  • Non-healthcare cardio protection.


During its existence, the Medical Division has started and it still mantains active collaborations with important entities operating in the professional healthcare and non-healthcare sector.

Among the most consolidated collaborations there is the one with SPHERA by Andrea Clozza, which provides support to medical and dental clinics in the management of the instruments and maintaining the requirements of the applicable standards.

In the field of dental and beauty clinics, the collaboration with the HENRY SCHEIN KRUGG group is also consolidated.

In the field of cardio protection, MET-LIFE collaborates with the prestigious manufacturer of defibrillators PHYSIO CONTROL which is part of STRYKER and with various Accredited Bodies in the Region for BLSD (Basic Life Support and Defibrillation) training.

MET-LIFE is also a member of the ITS VOLTA Foundation in Trieste to which the Medical Division of METLAB srl offers its expertise and experience for the training of new biomedical technicians


During its existence, the Medical Division of METLAB srl. has carried out important projects in favor of local communities, supporting organizations and associations in the dissemination of defibrillators and the culture of cardio-protection, for example:

  • CRI nel CUORE project – Created with the ITALIAN RED CROSS – Committee of Udine
  • PULSA TRIESTE Project – Created with FEDERFARMA Trieste
  • ISONTINE PHARMACIES Project – Made with FEDERFARMA Isontina
  • SAFE MOUNTAIN Project – Made with PRIMA CASSA FVG and ZKB
  • MOUNTAIN SOLIDARITY Project – Confindustria Udine

In addition, METLIFE has carried out many other important projects with private and public bodies.

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