Caratteristiche principali

•Quick check of the battery status (press the MUTE button) •Bluetooth connectivity, Easy to pair with PC / Windows •LUCAS Report Generator Software, Post-Event Performance Reporting for Review

Compression frequency: 102 +/- 2 compressions per minute
Compression depth (nominal patient):

  • 53 mm +/- 2 mm for patients with a sternal height greater than 185 mm
  • 40 to 53 mm for patients with a sternal height of less than 185 mm

Compression / decompression work cycle: 50 +/- 5%Patients suitable for treatment:
• Height of the sternum 17 – 30.3 cm
• Maximum chest width: 45 cm
The use of the LUCAS device is not limited by the patient’s weight.

Battery charge time:
Charged inside the LUCAS device for external power supply: less than two hours at room temperature (+ 22 ° C)
Charged in LUCAS external battery charger – less than four hours at room temperature (+ 22 ° C)

Power source: Battery: rechargeable, lithium polymer ion (LiPo), and car cable or external power supply (optional)Service life (typical) of the battery: 45 minutes

Device specifications:
Height x width x depth (assembled): 56 x 52 x 24 cm Weight of the device with the battery (without straps): 8.0 kg