The defibrillator Stryker LIFEPAK® CR2 was designed for total user safety.

Defibrillator with LIFELINK Central ™. DAE management program. A new approach to creating PAD projects.

Remote connection to the LIFELINK Central and LIFENET portal supplied to the emergency service centres.
The LIFELINK Central DAE management program monitors each CR2 connected to a WiFi or cellular network and warns, through the automatic sending of email notifications, in case any event occurs that could alter the readiness status of the device or in case of use of the same.

Clear design and sequential operations, with clear and easy to follow graphs. Both users trained for the use of AEDs and those without any training can clearly understand how to start.

INSIGHT ™ cpr analysis technology.
Analyze the ECG signal to detect shockable rhythms during chest compressions without the need for pauses.

Metronome and feedback system for CPR.
Set an effective pace and guide users with sound directions, detecting and correcting techniques if necessary.

ClearVoice ™ technology.
It detects background noise and adjusts the volume accordingly to provide clear sound / acoustic instructions.

During use, it is possible to change to a second language by simply pressing a button.

Pediatric mode.

For subjects weighing less than 25kg, simply press a button to reduce the energy delivered to 50 joules, without having to replace the electrodes.