Research projects

“INSIEME PER IL CUORE” is a project that aims to create, throughout the region, a capillary network of mobile or fixed defibrillators with public or private access. He does not want to limit himself to “proposing a solution” but wants actively involve every kind of territorial structure in a road map that goes from Public Administrations to the smallest aggregation companies.

Through the computerized mapping of the stations and the registration of trained BLS-D citizens, began by the Directorate of Regional Health, you can create one effective and perfectly integrated rescue network with emergency services already existing in the area and offer the best life-saving therapy to anyone who is hit by a sudden cardiac arrest.

With the aim of spreading a new cardio-protection culture, particular attention goes to the training. MET-LIFE promotes courses of BLS-D accredited training addressed to the population and educational structures, through innovative supports with a high cultural profile, events, ad hoc services, intra and extra school activities.

Fundraising e Crowdfunding

MET-LIFE is active in the research and development of activities and solutions to spread the culture of cardio-protection, through the fundraising project, the division wants to raise funds that will serve to create beneficial events and information evenings.

In addition, the funds raised through the crowdfunding project will be used for the creation and the management of real projects that include the gift or the donation of external semi-automatic defibrillators.


We invite anyone interested in an in-depth analysis, a collaboration or simply supporting the project to contact us by filling out the form below or by calling us directly at:  0432 655292

The active contribution of companies, professionals or people who share these purposes, perhaps strangers to their fields, but morally unavoidable, it will allow us to reach as soon as large results otherwise more slowly passable.