MET-LIFE advises you on the purchase of the best defibrillators on the market. MET-LIFE follows you over time with regard to spare parts: electrodes and batteries, also offering the best solutions of cabinets, supports, signs for the semi-automatic. DAE defibrillator and tools for training system.

Battery and Electrode Options
Met-Life supplies consumables for your LIFEPAK, for example Charge-Pak, replacement electrodes for adults, replacement electrodes for babies / children, replacement batteries.


Met-Life also supplies AMBU® Res-Cue Mask® First Responder Kit.

AED Cabinets and supports
For the safekeeping and protection of the AED, Met-Life offers the range of ROTAID and ARKY cabinets and it indicates the one that best suits your needs:

  • indoor or outdoor,
  • alarmed or not alarmed,
  • with or without thermoregulation.

AED Location Sign
Met-Life provides aluminium/metal signs for AED positioning, suitable for placement in outdoor or indoor environments, available in various sizes and models:

  • flat,
  • double sided,
  • with T-mount,
  • LED light

The intuitive graphics shows the international symbol for the signalling of the AED.

Met-Life has totems that are customizable on request. They are certified to withstand winds up to 200 km per hour.

Panel for the signalling of the AED
The range of panels for the signalling of the defibrillator allows an effective communication of the rescue operations to be carried out.

Met-Life supplies aluminium panels for indoor or outdoor installation, the graphics (customizable on request) reports:

  • Distress instructions;
  • Universal logo DAE symbol;
  • Space for sponsors/entities or acknowledgements.

Furthermore, according to customer specifications we also provide photoluminescent signs for the reporting of the AED.

MET-LIFE provides:

  • AED Training System
  • Training Electrode Set for adults and for babies/children.

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