Sudden cardiac arrest is today the leading cause of death, regardless of age and lifestyle. It suddenly arises, without warning, and in 84% of cases, these are extra-hospital events.
It is estimated that in Italy every year 70,000 cases of sudden cardiac arrest occur. From its appearance, every minute that passes reduces the chances of survival by 10%.
In these emergency cases, timeliness is crucial and the only possibility to change the statistical data is linked to the information, training and dissemination of technologically adequate defibrillators.

Met-Life aims to spread the cardio-protection culture throughout the country in order to promote awareness of the nature of cardiac arrest, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation maneuvers and the use of the defibrillator, as the most effective means for deal promptly with this sudden event.
The capillary diffusion of defibrillators on the territory and of adequately trained people, allows to increase significantly the survival rate of the subjects affected by sudden cardiac arrest, as well as to prevent the onset of damage in the brain due to the delay in the rescue intervention.

Our Partners

Croce Rossa Italiana – Comitato di Udine

Italian Red Cross deals with health care and training, Udine (UD)

Band of Rescue

Band of Rescue performs rescue activities and participates in sports events, Tavagnacco (UD)

Gymnasium is a Study and Training Centre, Pordenone (PN)

Polisportiva TA.BU. A.P.D.
Polisportiva TA.BU. A.P.D. offers sports activities and it is a functional rehabilitation centre, Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD)


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